Worship at Turning Point


What to Expect



Come as you are? What?? When you visit Turning Point, you’ll see that it’s a come as you are atmosphere. There’s no pretense. It’s about you being you. It’s about getting something more out of church than just the latest fashion tips. We want you here to experience God. We say come in what you like. Come casual and comfortable or dressed to the hilt but come with a heart that is open.

The environment is friendly, casual and upbeat. You’ll see people wearing jeans or khakis… even the good old-fashioned suit and tie! And we don’t care…God looks at your heart not your style and so do we. So come as you are.


Will the visitors please stand up…Not Here!

At Turning Point, you won’t have to stand up or raise your hand to be recognized. And we definitely will not make you wear a name tag. We would never do anything to ‘put you on the spot.’ This is truly a safe place where you can find answers at your own pace. You don’t have to stand or sing or do anything you don’t want to do but be forewarned… you’ll probably laugh or even cry and it’s our guess that you’ll be engaged by what you see, hear and feel.

And by the way, you won’t be asked for your money either. In fact, we encourage visitors to keep their money in their pockets so they can keep their hearts and minds on the experience.



It’s been said that music speaks to the heart, mind and soul and that each generation’s heart and soul can be found in their music.

We believe what the Bible says when it says that if we lift Jesus up that He will draw people to Himself. Our time of worship through music combines heart felt passions for Jesus with sound, style and quality that will surprise you. Our full intent in using music that is diverse in style and high in performance is so that we can experience God in a way that we can relate to our daily lives. With our roots steeped in gospel and hymns, our repertoire includes hints and sounds of our past, with a desire to remain relevant and contemporary. We’re committed to something for virtually every style of worship and musical taste.

 So when you come to Turning Point expect to hear stuff that you like. It may be a bit different than you’ve heard at more reserved and less enthusiastic churches, but most of all expect to see people engaged in authentic heart-felt worship of God.


The Feel 

When people come to Turning Point we want them to walk away feeling like they experienced God… that their Spiritual Journey was renewed and their hearts and minds were challenged to take the next step closer to God. We want this to be a place where the whole family wants to be because they find love, acceptance, and encouragement here.

We embrace people where they’re at and where they want to go. We understand that the Christian Experience is a process not just a starting line/finish line sort of thing. So, we encourage your questions. We applaud your search. We believe we’ve been strategically placed here to be your Turning Point; the point at which you realize there’s simply more to life and the daily grind! There really IS true meaning and purpose to be had in life.

We unashamedly follow Jesus Christ. We invite you to follow with us.

We say all the time that we don’t just want to go to church…we want to experience God! There has been testimonial after testimonial of how people’s lives have dramatically impacted by attending Turning Point! We hear all the time people love coming to Turning Point. And, here’s a shocker…that they don’t have to drag their kids or husbands. Often we hear from parents their kids dragged them!

This place is ALIVE because God is ALIVE and at work here at Turning Point!