coffee-cup-beansIs Hope Alive?

A warm cup of coffee and the morning paper may no longer be the best way to start your day. Every page is plastered with natural disasters, the fragile state of the Middle East, Wall Street vs. Main Street woes, and Washington’s “politics as usual!”

Where in this chaos is someone supposed to find hope?

Is there any kind of future for your children?

Is it even possible to find meaning, purpose, and hope?

For us at Turning Point we don’t go to church because we’re the most religious people on the plant…We’re here because we need the HOPE Jesus Christ provides all of humanity! For some of us…

• Our marriage was on the rocks!
• We were battling addictions that threatened to destroy us!
• We were at our wits end, and on the brink a mental breakdown!
• But Jesus didn’t just “give” us HOPE for our dilemma…He delivered on that HOPE and made a meaningful and purposeful life a reality!

In short – HOPE is ALIVE and WELL at Turning Point and His name is Jesus Christ!

At Turning Point we’re not just about singing, preaching, and making someone feel good for the sake of feeling good. We know feelings pass. Emotions change like the wind. And, when crisis hits, the pain is real. So, you need a real church, with real people, who are going through real situations just like you, and are there for one another. 

We consider our it mission to hold your hand, pray with you, comfort you, and provide you with biblical strategies that will guide you puposefully through each dilemma you face. We can’t change the world, but we can allow God to help us change how it affects us. 

Not Church as Usual
With sermon series, small groups, and special events, you’ll find Turning Point is a church that’s not just about feeling God on Sunday and “business as usual” on Monday. We’re Christians that are committed to living for God and helping others find that same strength. 

Visit us each week for timely, relevant, and inspired preaching and teaching that will help shape your life in meaningful ways. It won’t change your circumstance, only God can do that, but it will help change the way you view that circumstance, knowing God’s in charge of your destiny! (Service Times)

A visit with us could be just the ticket you need to help make your breaking point…your Turning Point!