Your Angel Tag by Shane Jenkinson
For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.
(Psalm 91:11)
A unique offering at Turning Point is our very own “Angel Tag” Ministry curated by its creator and our resident poet, Associate Pastor Shane Jenkinson.
What started out as a simple token for our children to attach to their backpacks reminding them of the prayers of their parents and church, has turned into an international symbol of prayer for God’s Angelic protection over not just our children and students, but for people from all walks of life, and in all kinds of situations; men and women in law enforcement, fire and rescue, our U.S. Military, and people facing hardship, tragedy, and terminal illness, basically, anyone in need of  God’s Divine Hand of Protection. 
If you find yourself in need of both prayer, and the benefit of God’s Divine intervention, feel free to email us at for details. 


Your Angel Tag


As I sat the other day

To make these little gifts,

I tried to think of something neat

To call them for the kids.


I tried and tried to no avail

To come up with a name,

And that’s when something in my heart

Had told me just to pray.


So as I sat and made these gifts

I talked a while with Him,

I prayed He keep our children safe

Protect them from all sin.


That’s when my eyes began to tear

A lump grew in my throat,

The Lord began to talk to me

As I felt the Holy Ghost.


He started to reveal to me

Some things about this gift,

I listened in amazement

As He went down the list.


He pointed out the cord I used

Was military grade,

Which was perfect for His army

For which these kids were made.


He said inside this single cord

Are seven more for strength,

That numbers no coincidence

I’ll go to any length.


To see one cord that’s all undone

It doesn’t look like much,

But as you wrap and tightly weave

My child no one can touch.


So now you know this gift you’ve made

Has not been made by chance,

Each part of it has meaning

If you’ll take a second glance


Then as I tied the last one up

And put it in my bag,

The Lord gave me the name for these

This is your Angel Tag.