Our Vision

Turning Point Church seeks to serve as the touchstone of Biblical doctrine for all walks of life by providing Christian-based strategies that enrich one’s life spiritually and emotionally, while engaging, equipping, and empowering people to be passionate about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with our generation. We are committed to being a relevant church that cultivates potential and fulfills destiny in an environment that inspires maximum participation, promotes personal growth, and nurtures a solid reliance on the Word of God.


Our Mission

It is our mission at Turning Point Church, to provide our community with a life-long “point” of contact between Jesus Christ and the world for which He died, through anointed worship, inspired evangelism, devoted discipleship, and loving fellowship, all founded in Biblical truth.


Our Values

Turning Point Apostolic Church is a culturally diverse Christ-centered Apostolic congregation founded upon the infallible Word of God.

We Value Connection:
  • To God
  • To His Church
  • To His People
  • To One Another
We Value Relationships:
  • With God – Worship
  • With Family – Leadership
  • With Church – Stewardship
  • With Friends – Fellowship
  • With New Converts – Discipleship
We Value Growth:
  • Vertically through our relationship with God
  • Horizontally through our relationships with one another
  • Spiritually through our connection with God
  • Emotionally through our connection with one another
  • Intellectually through our study of God’s Word
We Value YOU!