Turning Point isn’t church as usual… You can sense it the moment you enter the parking lot. It’s something different…Fresh…alive maybe?


Hurried steps…a sense of anticipation that their appointment is something more than just another Sunday at church. Meeting with God maybe?


If you’re any too late you’ll hear music spilling out of the building. This isn’t your typical church it’s a praise church. Age doesn’t seem to matter. Age is an attitude around here and we have people just like you. Some younger…some older…and even in the middle…but all like you. People wanting to be part of a moment because their religion is dead…but here we are not part of a moment but a movement in God, not just a religion.


Right from the very beginning our church has sought to be a different kind of church. It’s pretty cool when you realize that you’re not the only one with questions. You’re not the only one who’s trying to figure out what life is really all about and where or even if God fits into it all. You’re not the only one who’s looking to connect deeply with other people or trying to make marriage, family a career work all at the same time. You’re not the only one who wants to make a difference in this world.


It’s pretty cool when you realize that our church is a Faith Community filled with all kinds of different people who are seeking what it means to have a real relationship with God.


We don’t know your past and to be honest we really don’t care if you ‘have a past.’ But maybe you think coming to church means being scolded, subjected to boring and irrelevant sermons, or having your wallet emptied. We don’t blame you. We thought that way for a long time too. In fact, we think one of the biggest barriers to getting to know God has been the church itself. It’s predictable and cold at best…downright bad at worst.


At Turning Point, we’d like to change all that…Our church has a laid back environment that you might not expect to find at a church. We’re real people looking for real solutions to real life problems. Our pastor is not afraid to tackle tough issues head on with practical advice straight from the Bible, and he does it in real, everyday language we can all understand.


A fresh approach…Instead of ritual and routine, our services strive to be creative and captivating. Preaching and teaching are paramount at Turning Point and we use drama, humor, and video to communicate Biblical Truth in a modern and relevant way. This creative approach extends to our youth and children’s ministries too. We endeavor to bring to life for them in a memorable yet enjoyable way, the message of Christ’s love, mercy, grace, and truth. All very sacred…all very real.


Our Turning Point Praise and Worship Team selects and performs songs with the express purpose of praising God and ushering in HIS Holy presence, power, and glory! With selections ranging from traditional gospel favorites to modern and contemporary worship, virtually every musical taste and background is represented. This enables you the worshiper to show forth your love, adoration, and praise to God in a way that best suits your perspective and form of expression.


A new way to do church…Our casual, relaxed atmosphere is a place to investigate Christianity without guilt or pressure. You’ll hear truth but without a finger pointed at you. This is a place to grow spiritually at your own pace with unconditional love, support, and acceptance during your journey. No strings attached. So come as you are. Discover God’s purpose and direction for your life. Ask questions. We’re here to take you to the next step spiritually and to offer you a place where you can be as involved as you choose.


Turning Point is a place where families can flourish and individuals can come alive. We approach church with a wide range of artistic expression and a sense of humor. And we build this freshness and fun into our children and youth programs too.


Turning Point is about ‘doing life with God…together.’ So no matter if you are married, single or singled again, whether you are just checking out the God Thing’ or if you have been a long time Christ follower, we think you’ll feel right at home in any of our Power, Mission or Prayer Point services. You’ll find that this is a place where you really matter…because you matter to God!